James shifted in his seat and folded his hands in his lap, carefully choosing his words to answer my question. “We are children of the Earth,” he said. “They say the first Dragons were forged of the elements by The Mother herself. For a time, they freely roamed the Earth building our race. But they … More Origins

(.gif via Tumblr) I stumbled across this gem on the incredible internet today. She is absolutely perfect. Although, I wouldn’t get too close to the mouth of a baby fire-breather. You never know when the glands will kick in. You’d lose your eyebrows, at best. Tumblr is an amazing place. The world is full of … More

They Do Exist!

Okay, so maybe we don’t have any hard evidence that Dragons like James and Nora are living among us (yet), but scientists have discovered an adorable new species of woodlizards. Get this: they are also known as Dwarf Dragons. Why? It seems that the dragons of lore bore remarkably similar features to these little guys, from … More They Do Exist!