James shifted in his seat and folded his hands in his lap, carefully choosing his words to answer my question. “We are children of the Earth,” he said. “They say the first Dragons were forged of the elements by The Mother herself. For a time, they freely roamed the Earth building our race. But they grew tired and weary; so to reward them for all they had done, The Mother allowed them to rest.

“To this day, they say the Ancients sleep beneath us. When a Dragon dies, The Mother absorbs his soul, but not without mourning. You see, every time she takes back one of her children, there is a tremor somewhere in the worlds. It’s painful to lose a child. I suppose ‘painful’ isn’t quite the right word for it. Not strong enough, I don’t think. But the more pain the Mother feels, the more severe the quake. So to answer your question: if Tae Dracoris and the Humans manage to hunt down and murder every last Dragon, it would be the end of the worlds; The Mother would literally destroy herself. If we don’t coexist, we don’t exist at all.”


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