Nora Sigdis in Chalk


Have you ever been to fiverr dot com? It’s fascinating. I can’t draw, but I can see Nora Sigdis in my head. In fact, she came to me just the other day. I was minutes from sleep after a long, exhausting day, lying on my stomach in bed. All of a sudden, I saw her face, up close and personal. Her snout was pointed down, and she looked at me head-on with fire in her eyes. She is less patient than she was when I started her story, but that’s character development for you.

I commissioned this piece from fiverr user charithmania. I was even able to purchase rights to use the image anywhere I want. I could not be happier with how this turned out. When you purchase something and the end product exceeds your expectations, I urge you to leave a tip. We creatives need to know what you think of our work – it keeps the creative light aflame. It doesn’t have to be a tip – something as simple as praise or acknowledgement will do just fine. There is no worse offense in our craft than to work our butts off, pouring our hearts into it, only to have it go unnoticed… or unacknowledged.

Check out fiverr and support other artists and entrepreneurs. The holidays are just around the corner – you might just find that unique, memorable gift you didn’t know you wanted to give that special person in your life.

Til next time…



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