New Chapters Posted!

Brothers Keep Her is written with you (the reader) as the main character. Sam and Dean Winchester are on a case and guess who’s stuck in the middle of it? YOU. New Chapters posted – get caught up! Click here to read. 

SPN Fanfiction

Supernatural​ fan? Then you may like my first dabble in fanfiction: Brothers Keep Her. I need a break from my novel so I decided to have some fun! (And totally FREE. On wattpad – just for fun!) You are the main character in this story. Yes, you! You’re swept up into the world of Sam … More SPN Fanfiction

The Rejection Letter Every New Author Should Want

Ahh, rejection letters – a necessary evil. They’re part of the sometimes grueling process of querying/submitting work for publication. (Some people are exceptionally talented right off the bat and/or really lucky.) As you know, I’m seeking representation for my very first novel, Bloodfire. I have been working on this thing for years. I spent two … More The Rejection Letter Every New Author Should Want

I’ve Gone Wattpad!

    I have joined the wondrous world of wattpad. Check out my inaugural short story, Of Weddings and Belles. Look for my username: Starlately, and be on the lookout for future wattpad publications. 😉 I hope you enjoy this one!

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a 2016 full of health, happiness, inner peace, and prosperity! Happy New Year to you. What are your favorite New Year’s Day meal traditions? Where I come from, the traditional New Year’s Day meal is pork & sauerkraut. (Being vegan, pork is out of the question, but I do have the sauerkraut! Might make some … More Happy New Year!