Too Many, Too Many

Do you ever find that you have too many unread emails (that you have no interest in ever sorting through)?

Too many schedules to keep straight in your head?

Too many rooms to clean in the time you allot yourself to clean them, and you swear you’ll never live in anything bigger than two bedrooms ever again.

Too many hesitations?

Too many places you want to go need to go – no: ache to go … but can’t?

Too many no’s and not enough yes’s.

Too many dreams that leave you wondering if you’ve chosen the right path?

Too many quiet wishes that you keep to yourself because no good will ever come of bringing them up.

Too many reasons to stay, and too many reasons to leave.

Too many reasons why you’re not good enough, and never enough reasons why you are.

Too many expectations and just as many let-downs.

Too many questions and too many answers, but not enough of them match.

Too many things left unsaid, and too many things that came out wrong.

Too many doors that close in your face because there aren’t enough hours in a day

or enough you to go around.





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