New Chapters – SPN Fanfic

I’ve been up writing. I’m supposed to be adding the new touches to my novel that I thought of in the shower today as next week is the Atlanta Writing Workshop, but after watching last night’s episode of Supernatural (funnily enough, the victims’ hearts were ripped out just like poor Professor MacFarlane), I sort of migrated over to wattpad. I intended to write just one chapter and go to bed like a responsible adult would do, but I’m a writer. Writers aren’t exactly known for being responsible where writing is involved.

So check it out here. What kind of monster do you think it is? What’s attacking you? Or who? Or are there more than one? Put your thinking caps on, because your life depends on it. So do the Winchesters’ hearts.

tumblr_inline_nnkevxvHov1t894ak_500 (via tumblr)




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