Freebie Friday!

Evening, Creatives!! I stumbled across this tidbit on the interwebs today and thought it was kinda cool. If you like dabbling with cameras and editing pictures, this may interest you or someone you know! It’s Google’s collection of photography tools (NIK) available for FREE… (you may have already heard about this).  Go check it out & … More Freebie Friday!

Writing Prompt #7

Think of one or two of your favorite songs and look up the original music video. Let it play and write/narrate the story that goes along with it. Take the liberty to incorporate your own characters (or even yourself). Do it for fun!   xo -NS

Writing Prompt #6

You are out for a walk, or maybe a jog. It’s early afternoon and as you walk by a construction site, you notice the machines are running, but no one is around – at least not that you can see. Where did they all go? Do you cross the caution tape barriers and investigate? If … More Writing Prompt #6

Writing Prompt #4

Today I want you to think back a bit. Imagine a jar filled with your fondest memories; pick one. Describe the scene. What does it smell like? What sounds do you hear? Now imagine you can travel back in time to tell yourself something – what do you say? And what does it change?