Writing Prompt #1

Hello, writerly friends! 

Are you fans of story prompts? I am. I enjoy the challenge of branching off from a single thought or image. It’s even more enjoyable in groups because we get to see how diverse writing can be. (And do we ever need more diversity in writing – but that’s a thought for another day.) I have a blank journal I’ve dedicated to scribbling down story prompts that pop into my head now and again (never leave home with a pen and something to write in), and in thinking about that tonight, I decided to start a blog post series around the subject.

Welcome to the first Story Prompt post. I will post them one at a time and tag/categorize them as “Prompts” for easy locating. If you feel so inclined, and if you see one that you like, please feel free to take it for a spin – all I ask is that you share your creation with me in the comments. (I love to read as much as I love to write.)


The stairs. 

I’d envisioned it at least a hundred times a day, or as many times as I found myself traipsing down to the first floor and back again: one infinitesimal misstep would send me hurtling downward through space. I’d hit the landing in a contorted heap milliseconds after striking my head on one of the carpeted ledges, and I never imagined further than that moment because I shook it from my thoughts almost immediately every time. 

Of course, I never thought it would actually happen. 





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