OOPS~ New Chapters – #SPN Fanfic

**Turns out I linked to the wrong site. If you clicked on the link to read the story and ended up at a JewelScent picture, I apologize. I must have been multitasking with my candle business and crossed links. I have since corrected the link and all is good to go, now. Phew.**

I’ve been writing and editing the story in between battling the ego of my professor this week. (That’s a long story I’m not going to get into right now. I will only say this: Take the high road. Always take the high road!)

Screenshot 2016-03-20 23.11.10

Anyway, check out the updates over on wattpad. I have so much fun seeing the different countries my readers are from. For example, some of you are from the U.K., Canada, Dominican Republic, even Romania. I’m excitedly hopeful to see that I break 700 reads by morning. ❤ Enjoy! Here’s the link. 


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