New Chapter Posted – SPN Fanfic

This is not a joke. I repeat: This is not a joke.

But Happy April Fools’ Day anyway!

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the fanfic but I’ve had that monster paper to deal with. (If I get half the points possible, I’ll be happy.)

If you’ve been following along, this story wanders down the path of possibilities following Dean’s slaying of Death. Not only do the Reapers want to toss the boys into the Empty, but now we discover something else is at stake. In this chapter, Dean goes looking for trouble to let off some steam – except he looks in the wrong place.

Oh! Big news – (ish) Someone from wattpad HQ added Brothers Keep Her to their reading list… Wow! That made my night. (No pressure or anything… ha!)

Read it here: Brothers Keep Her 


And please don’t forget to vote (click on the little star on each chapter that you like)!





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