Join Me for GISHWHES 2016!


I just got this email from Misha Collins lol! Seriously… GISHWHES begins soon and there is still plenty of room on our team. What is it, exactly? It’s a virtual scavenger hunt – we’ll get a list of tasks and we choose the ones we want to do (& don’t have to do any that we don’t want to do) to earn points. We just have to take pictures or video to submit for proof! 🙂 COME ON IT’S GOING TO BE SO FUN and just think of the memories. We’ll be laughing at us for years!! Plus, think of all the plot bunnies we’ll be able to collect!

PS REGISTRATION CLOSES in less than 16 hours… so. Pressure’s on! My team name: BeTheGood

Click Here!! Find our team & sign up!! 😀 Come oooooonnnnnnnnnnn If I’m going to act like a goofball, you can too. Why not? It’s for a great cause!

& Yes, you can invite YOUR friends to the team, too. 🙂 Who knows? Maybe we’ll all get to go to ICELAND with MISHA COLLINS! 😉 


Misha Collins <> Unsubscribe
12:35 PM (6 hours ago)
Hey Nicole,

This is kind of awkward, but here it goes…

Your friend (I’m not going to say their name because they’d be furious if they knew I was contacting you) is sad that you haven’t invited them to join your team on Gishwhes.

Your friend and I were talking about you last night (mostly good things except for that one time that you… um, never mind, I just realized they told me that was confidential, sorry…) Anyway, they were saying they missed the kind of fun you two used to have together and they seemed confused as to why you hadn’t invited them to do gishwhes with you.

So I don’t want to meddle in your relationship, but I also would hate to see you two drift apart. There’s such history there! Please just invite them, it will make them SO HAPPY! (I’m sure you know who i’m talking about, but I’ll give you a little hint here, their name has at least one vowel in it, is 3 or more letters long and sort of rhymes with a common noun).

And of course this is all about your friendship, but there is one more selfish reason to invite people—if you invite someone and they accept you get Gishpoints AND you are put in a drawing to join me and the winning team in Iceland.

But an even better plan would be for you and you-know-who could win The Hunt and then you’d both join me in Iceland.

But seriously, get on this invite. Registration closes in less than 48 hours, so this is your very last chance. Okay. Ball’s in your court.

Love and devotion from your best of your besties,


PS: DO NOT TELL THEM I wrote to you about this! They’d kiiiiiiill me….



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