Update: What on Earth is Going on With My 1st Book?

It never fails: I’m supposed to be working on research for school and my mind wanders.

This time, like many other times, it wandered back to my manuscript – on which I’ve ceased queries, because I’d grown tired. It wasn’t so much the rejections as the story itself; if I wasn’t excited about it anymore, how on Earth could I expect anyone else to be? I took a break from it. I stepped back, breathed, thought about other things for a while. I even took a trip to London for inspiration. I knew why my story wasn’t catching any attention… I just wasn’t sure exactly what it needed.

The excitement is back: I’ve finally decided on a course of action, a good one, and the major overhaul will begin with my next class: an Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop.

Here’s a sneak preview: https://nicolestarleigh.com/books/whenthedragonswake/



5 thoughts on “Update: What on Earth is Going on With My 1st Book?

  1. It’s amazing how much clarity you get from taking a break from your work, isn’t it? I’ve just picked up a MS of mine after 4 months of working on something different, it’s great looking at it with fresh eyes.

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  2. It’s always comforting to know other writers go through the same thing as me! I used to be so passionate about my story… then I get days where I’m like “Man this is awful, who would care?”. Taking a step away really does help, and you come back more passionate then ever!

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