Latest wattpad Project: Haven (SPN Fanfic)


Brothers Keep Her has come to a perfect close (at least, I think so) and it was bittersweet to see it end. I really enjoyed those characters and that particular story, and it seems a lot of other wattpadders have, too. Over 5.5K reads as of this morning! I can’t tell you how much that excites me.

Since I’m not quite ready to give up on Sam Winchester, he gets another story in Haven.


AU – Sam Winchester x Reader

Two complete strangers, one eventful cross-country bus ride. You’re running from a past that haunts you, he’s running from demons of his own. Your destination just happens to be the same.

Coincidence? Or fate?

Come find out. 😉


****The Reader in this story is a sexual assault survivor. Read with caution.**** 

While you’re there, be sure to check out Rabbit Hole – my super short Jensen Ackles fanfic. It was so much fun to write that one, too, and far more light-hearted than Brothers Keep Her.

Please don’t forget to vote! Your votes matter!!

I’m off to bed. My little prince’s birthday is tomorrow (today) and I messed up his cake so I have to figure something out by the time I get off work at five. Wish me luck!





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