More Bizarro Dreams of Escitalopram (pt 3)

I’m realizing that it’s not simply the Escitalopram concocting these dreams, but the combination of Escitalopram with Serequel that seems to be the culprit.

**ALSO: If any of these crazy scenarios spur a plot bunny for you, feel free to run with it! Just be kind enough to show me your work when you’re done. Please.**


This one is even more random than the last few. I’m with a former co-worker and for some reason, in my dream, he is my husband (like the two of them are one and the same – you know how dreams work). This is another person I have not seen or talked to in over a year (nor had any attraction to whatsoever, fyi). Anyway apparently I want to get intimate and he doesn’t. We go to this little beach shack gift shop and find an old lady who is willing to babysit for us, so we take an RV (borrow from someone else we just met) and let me tell you – – I can’t drive the thing. As I speed toward a one-lane bridge I realize I don’t have time to slow down so I basically close my eyes and hope for the best. Somehow we make it over the bridge (I’m pretty sure I completely missed the bridge and jumped the creek) and land on the other side. I pull off and park the damn thing as soon as possible because I don’t want to be in charge of driving it anymore. The people we borrowed the RV from meet us for lunch and we show them where we left it. Surprisingly it is still in good shape, so, phew! We are sitting in a booth when the lady who is babysitting for us shows up and suddenly now he wants sex and I definitely don’t want to even be touched.


I’m at some sort of giant retail superstore for collectible items. There is a queue but it’s not like any queue I’ve ever seen. Imagine an amphitheater: the line starts at the top where you step onto an escalator belt (not stairs, just a belt like at the airports) and it descends you down to the main floor in turn where you check out. I think I was working there as a temporary employee or maybe I was voluntold to help out. Either way, another employee is an old acquaintance of mine and she’s setting items off to the side as people go through her line. I think that she’s going to return them to the shelves later. But when the store closes for the night, she gathers them up and takes them home with her. She’s not supposed to do this and she’s acting sneaky about it, but maybe this is how they do things around here – I don’t know. So the next morning the Big Boss comes in wanting to know who stole things and that’s when I realize what happened.

2/5/17Did not sleep well. I did not take my Serequel because I knew I had to wake up early to get to the VA hospital and I was also unsure if it would be okay to take it after drinking so much Pepto-Bismol throughout the day. That said I had about 3 hours of sleep and no dreams that I recall. Perhaps it is not the Escitalopram alone, but the combination of it with Serequel that conjures up these crazy dreams.

2/6/17 I’m dating “Uncle Jesse” from Full (& Fuller) House! No, not John Stamos – just Uncle Jesse. Anyway, he’s rich. He’s also in the Navy Reserves, apparently. And my sister is Shannen Doherty (who, as you may or may not know by her social media postings, has been battling cancer) and her care nurse apparently set me and Uncle Jesse up. Well, Uncle Jesse is a ladies’ man at heart, so it’s not a surprise when my sister Shannen catches him getting cozy with nurse lady and flips out on him. She tells me, of course, even though I “saw” the whole thing happen (because dreams are weird like that) so now I want nothing to do with him. This, of course, makes him want to make it up to me. So I get this invitation from him to a special Navy event and I don’t want to go. But Shannen and the nurse (who is now my advice-giving friend) talk me into it. I begrudgingly agree. He sends elaborate gifts: new dresses, new bras (full of sequins – the kind I would never wear), etc. I just have to decide which items I want to wear.

On our way to a long table, my new friend and I pass a young man with loose auburn curls all around his head. He said, “Hi, Mom,” to her and I looked at her strangely because she was far too young to be his mom. He is tall and lean, at least 16 or 17 years old. She explains to me that it’s a term of endearment between them but I forget the situation. Anyway, as we head back to Jesse’s place, we pass by a bunch of families outside picnicking together. I see my older cousin and my Nan and his grandmother and his dad, and I think to myself that it’s sweet he used up his invites on them (but also that he won’t be “gettin’ any” at the Naval event that night lol). Oh, and he’s about five years old in my dream, which makes it even cuter. (He’s much older in real life.) to this tiny apartment with huge windows. It’s snowing outside, or there is snow on the ground. I think it’s one of Uncle Jesse’s guest condos on his property (remember, I told you he’s very rich).

We arrive at this tiny apartment with huge windows on Jesse’s property. It’s snowing outside, or there is snow on the ground. I think it’s one of Uncle Jesse’s guest condos on his property (remember, I told you he’s very rich).

So I start getting ready and now my mom is there, acting like I’m getting ready for prom, which only annoys me. I don a short off-white beaded dress and still have more to go before I’m ready when we see Jesse and two of his navy pals in a friend’s car outside. I hope he doesn’t look in the window because I didn’t tell him I’d decided to come yet. I try to hide so he won’t see me, but they come inside anyway to see if I’m here. I hide under a table. They drive the car into the apartment and suddenly it’s more like a little bumper car. He ends up seeing me and I yell at him to get out because he’s not supposed to be here, yet, so they leave.

Then, as we’re watching the car leave, the clouds begin to fall apart and drop from the sky in little bite-size chunks. And the pieces stick to us. It isn’t until we’re almost covered in sticky cloud cotton that we realize what’s going on and rush inside. The last thing I remember from this dream is trying to wipe clouds away from my face and eyes over a kitchen sink, and seeing my arms covered in the sticky white fluff.


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