Book Review: His Last Words

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

His Last Words – A 7-Week Bible Study of John 13-17 by Kim Erickson


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In all honesty, I’m not big on Bible Studies. I don’t usually like structured thinking or being told what and how to think, but author Kim Erickson takes you through a refreshing approach to understanding the Bible’s messages.She focuses on John 13-17 and allows the reader to go at their own pace and hear their own thoughts. That’s what I like the most.

Each Week of the Bible Study consists of 5 days of reading; 4 days of active engagement and 1 day of reflection. It’s an interactive guide, so if you don’t mind writing in your books, have a pencil handy (or just have a notebook within arm’s reach). Every day has a closing prayer tailored to the verse and topics of the day and week. She not only goes through these verses in John but also provides context with related verses throughout the Bible. (Also: Have your Bible handy; she provides the verses in John 13 – 17 but only some of the other verses she mentions are provided, so you’ll want to look them up.) At the end of each week, she gives the reader a list of questions to take into consideration whether in solitude or with a group.

For someone who doesn’t get into my Bible as much as I should (I want to, it just seems so boring), I really enjoyed this book. I’m glad I chose this one to read because now, admittedly, I feel a little closer to Christ and have a better understanding of the Holy Spirit – something that always baffled me – thanks to Erickson’s writing. She encourages the reader to take some quiet time out of their day to sit and spend with God, and one way to do that is to engage in a laid-back Bible Study like this one.

Erickson’s writing is clear and concise, and her personal story will both break your heart and give you strength.



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