17 Moms Open Up About Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner for us here in the United States.

No matter how we word it, the definition of Mother’s Day revolves around the idea of honoring Mom in some special sort of way. We love to give her delicious treats, flowers, jewelry, and keepsakes to show her how much we love her. While she appreciates every token of our affection, we gotta wonder: What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Well, when was the last time you asked her? Her answer just might surprise you.


“Not trying to be a sap but, I wish to have all four of my kids really believe that I do love them.” ~ Edi C.

“Stuffed french toast for breakfast made with my son’s help, mini-golf and time with my mom as well. Pretty basic but it’s pretty traditional for us and I love that my teenage son still wants to do these things with me.” ~ Kandace S.


“A family movie night and some extra hugs. Might sound like nothing special, but family time together when life gets busy is something I cherish. No fighting is unrealistic lol.” ~ Ashlee H.

“For my boys to get along and not FIGHT!!!” Danielle K.

Honestly, I just want to be remembered. And appreciated. My boys are always amazing and I wake up almost every day to a new fresh picked flower and my older son and I have the weirdest joint sense of humor. I couldn’t ask for better kids. But I want to be appreciated for the work… mostly this year as I age for mothers day what I REALLY want to show the woman who raised me what she means and how much I appreciate her. Because she’s still killing it at being the mom as she helps with mine!” ~ Joy N.

“Nothing. My dream is to lay in bed all day in my PJs. No food in bed necessary I will emerge when necessary. But I wanna lay in bed for the whole day. Watch movies, read a book, hell even just lay in silence. No mom questions, no kids fighting. Just peace, of course, I do know I have a better chance of meeting a unicorn or leprechaun.” ~ Samantha T.

kaboompics_Beautiful young woman having breakfast in the bed

“My favorite is when my girls write me a card/letter telling me why they love having me as a mom. We often forget that we are doing an amazing job with them and it is an awesome reminder to hear that right from them.” ~ Jen H.

“We are doing what I really want. We are taking a four day weekend with the boys and going camping. That’s all I wanted was to spend time with my babies, time that’s not rushed.” ~ Kathy B.

“To snuggle in bed all day with Adam and [my daughter] and giggle and watch movies.” ~ Sara S.

“I want a spa day. I’ve never had a massage or facial. I really need my hair done also. So a day of pampering for me.” ~ Kim L.

kaboompics_Pink roses in pot (1)

“Honestly, nothing. I don’t like that the calendar tells us to celebrate Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s. This should be shown every day.” ~ Debbie G.

“I want to get up early (not a problem for my early-rising kiddos) and go watch the sunrise on the beach with some hot coffee and my fam! And then a day without any whining and lots of laughs!” – Elizabeth L. 

“Time – just a couple hours.” ~Pamela S.

“I honestly would love to be able to have some time for my husband and me alone without the little guy. I love him to death but my husband and I could use a “date” day/night/weekend. Haven’t had one since [my son] was born (he’s 16 months now).” ~ Sheena M.

Screenshot 2015-10-05 22.12.53

“I just want to be able to sleep until 10 without having to clean a huge mess. And to not have to cook or clean up from cooking for one glorious day.” ~ Theresa C.

“Just want to be able to read a book or listen to an audiobook straight through without being interrupted, away from the house. And to come home to a 100% clean, organized house.” ~ Jeannette D.

Moms, leave your comments below!



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