A New Story is Afoot

NaNoWriMo 2017 was a success. Of course, my dear friend Whiskey Black and I spent most of the last 48 hours racing to that finish line with word sprints and wine… But we both hit 50K on time.

I started something brand new with NaNoWriMo this year because I’ve grown so tired of editing When the Dragon Wakes that I lost the fun in it. I want that fun to come back. So a break was in order; I’ve shelved WtDW and started On the Other Side of Heartache, a completely different tempo, and a whole new genre for me! I’ve never written “chick lit” before (at least, I think it falls into that category) so it’s been fun.

It goes something like this:

Elliott (Ellie, to her friends and family) takes a job helping out a recently-single dad with two little boys as their live-in nanny, and the only two stipulations are:

1) No bringing strange men into the home &

2) No talking about the boys’ mom. Ever.

Nannying becomes more than a full-time job; it becomes her lifestyle. She grows to love the boys and time tells that whatever took “Mom” out of the picture left a deep, deep scar. As Wes’s career starts to take off, he’s pulled away from home more and more often. He buries himself in work. As their full-time guardian while Dad is away, she sees how his absence wears on Wolfie and Liam and it breaks her heart. He calls and Skypes in between filming for his new role, but after too many canceled plans to come home for the weekend, she decides to take the boys to him.

Her plan to mend a pair of fragile little hearts by reuniting father and sons re-opens wounds that never had a chance to heal, exposes the true depth of the pain tearing the little family apart, and threatens to alienate her from their lives for good. Waiting for the Rain (1)


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