A Little ‘Blog Reno’ Coming Soon…

I haven’t seen or heard from my muse in ages. (In non-writers’ terms, that’s about a year. Ish.) Needless to say, a non-writing writer is a terrible thing. You don’t want to be around one when we’re not writing because if we’re not already in full self-loathing mode, then we’re lashing out at anyone who dares ask the dreaded question.

“What is the dreaded question?” you might be asking yourself right now.


For the sake of writers, friends of writers, and loved ones of writers (especially doting husbands) everywhere, I will tell you.

When a writer is obviously miserable (i.e. Not Writing), never ever ask, “How’s the writing going?”

Or worse yet: “What’s your book about?”

Just don’t. 

Anyway… with that out of the way, I’ve been thinking. A lot of thinking happens when one is not writing, but that’s beside the point. This blog is in dire need of a refresh. I created it during the last term of my undergraduate program, fully intending to keep it strictly about writing and books. (You know, because I was going to publish my first novel before the end of that year.) Thing is, there are other things I want to write about and share with you that don’t quite fit inside that bubble.

And when they say “the Devil’s in the details” … *sigh*.

They mean it, especially when it comes to revision and editing.

Screenshot 2018-01-14 01.32.23

And, hey, it’s my blog, right?

It won’t entirely change. Writing and books will, certainly, still be on the menu, but I’ll also free myself up to write about life as a mom of boys, learning new things, projects around the house, and mental health, to name a few. Grocery lists of random strangers. Birds that deliberately set forest fires in Australia.

Recently, I have been itching to learn to knit so I can make blankets. Big, soft, fuzzy blankets like these. My boys each asked for one, and my oldest got super excited to pick out his yarn colors. I don’t want to let him down, man. I mean, he’s 8. There’s a lot riding on the expectations of this blanket he wants his momma to make for him.

A girl needs to write about that to work through it! Am I write?  (Totally kidding; I know that’s not the right word.)

See? I feel better already just putting this out into the universe. For now, though, I must get some rest or I won’t be much help at my cousin’s new house tomorrow. I think we’re painting and cleaning the new place. Gotta be on my toes!

kaboompics_Nie wiem




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