His Eyes Bear His Pain

His Eyes Bear His Pain

He stands on the beach, knee-deep in lapping waves
With his hands toward the heavens
His eyes bear his pain
As he weeps like the rain on a cold autumn day
The handsome grown man finds it impossible
To face what the world has thrown in his way
The cool seawater caresses his legs
Bringing a soft sense of serenity to this solemn moment
His gentle heart aches for his young, firstborn son
Who is gone now, forever — he’s not coming home
And the wind tugs with a mother’s touch at his silky auburn hair
No sound escapes from his mourning lips
But if you listen, you will feel his cry
The ocean, his first love, tries to soothe his pain
Though he must first let down his wall
And let her into his heart.

Copyright Nicole Starleigh 2015


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