When the Dragon Wakes


When the Dragon Wakes by Nicole Starleigh

No one can keep a secret better than Nora Langosy – except maybe the one person she’d least expect.

Nora has carefully guarded the truth of her hybrid heritage from everyone, including her closest friends. She’s known the world’s formidable secret since she was 11 years old: not only do Dragons exist, they walk among the world’s unassuming populations in Human form – and she’s (sort of) one of them. Her dad gave his life protecting her from Tae Dracoris, the ancient organization dedicated to the preservation of the delicate balance between the Human and Dragon races. Even at a young age, Nora understood that no one but she and her mom could know who – what – she is.

With her 18th birthday and impending transformation just months away, active military presence on U.S. soil has nearly tripled, and the government claims “precautionary measures against foreign and domestic terrorism.” Unbeknownst to them, the military is the least of their worries: Tae Dracoris is closing in.

Nora struggles with the notion of losing her high school sweetheart, Jesse, her small circle of friends, and the only life she’s ever known. Should she tell them her secret? Will they still love her, even when they’re afraid of her? Because they will be. She knows this because she’s afraid, too; she’s afraid of what she will become if she survives the transformation.

The Dragon within will not be ignored… And time is running out.



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