A New Story is Afoot

NaNoWriMo 2017 was a success. Of course, my dear friend Whiskey Black and I spent most of the last 48 hours racing to that finish line with word sprints and wine… But we both hit 50K on time. I started something brand new with NaNoWriMo this year because I’ve grown so tired of editing When … More A New Story is Afoot

Thank You

  xoxo ~ ns   P.S. Feel free to use this image. Source of the photo is creative commons website Kaboom Pics, edited by me.

11 Not-So-Conventional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

(Photo credits: Target.com, Uncommongoods.com, and englishteastore.com) A stackable mug that says “You’re my person” in gold font. Pair it with a gold teaspoon, add a box of their favorite tea or coffee, and a gift card to their favorite bookstore. One of these literary candles could score you a few extra bonus points, too.   … More 11 Not-So-Conventional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

What You Need to Know About Depression Even if it Doesn’t Affect You

Here’s the thing: Depression is a thing. It’s real. It’s a sneaky little bastard that can grow into a malevolent monster when you least expect it – even during the holidays. The worst part? Its attacks go unnoticed by your friends and family a huge percentage of the time. Why? There is this stigma attached … More What You Need to Know About Depression Even if it Doesn’t Affect You

October 31 Update

It’s almost that time. 12:01 AM November 1, 2016: NaNoWriMo officially kicks off! What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month! It’s a mad dash to 50,000 new words in just 30 days. Doable? ABSOLUTELY. Fun? OH, YES. Over the last month, a few monumental things have happened. First, I finished school. SCHOOL. Not just class … More October 31 Update