My Beloved Soldier

I sit here on this cold, hard concrete,
but it doesn’t bother me at all;
my head’s filled with the images
that I watch on this empty wall.

Memories I took for granted —
Laughter, happiness and love,
the comfort I knew sleeping by you;
the things I’d once only dreamed of.

The way you always looked at me
And knew just what you should say;
The way you held me close to you
and adored me every day.

The day you gave me news
of this unbearable parting,
I tried to keep my composure
but the heartache was just starting.

Now nothing is the same,
Everything around me is so bare;
But without you by my side,
I just can’t seem to care.

It eases me, slightly, to think
of how, together, we’ve grown;
I’d rather wait here for you forever,
then sleep in that bed alone.

You have a duty to our country,
you told me as you packed,
I said I’d let them have you,
but they’d better bring you back.

On the day of your return,
when you’re in my arms again,
is the moment we’ll be closer
than the closest we’ve ever been.