11 Not-So-Conventional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

(Photo credits: Target.com, Uncommongoods.com, and englishteastore.com) A stackable mug that says “You’re my person” in gold font. Pair it with a gold teaspoon, add a box of their favorite tea or coffee, and a gift card to their favorite bookstore. One of these literary candles could score you a few extra bonus points, too.   … More 11 Not-So-Conventional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I Still Believe

I meant to post this in December but the days got away from me.    This has been a challenging year for us. My boys will be starting at their third school since August after the holidays.We up and left Georgia in November, having only had a little over two weeks’ notice to do so, … More I Still Believe

What You Need to Know About Depression Even if it Doesn’t Affect You

Here’s the thing: Depression is a thing. It’s real. It’s a sneaky little bastard that can grow into a malevolent monster when you least expect it – even during the holidays. The worst part? Its attacks go unnoticed by your friends and family a huge percentage of the time. Why? There is this stigma attached … More What You Need to Know About Depression Even if it Doesn’t Affect You


I’m living in a hotel right now. We’re in transition and don’t yet have a house. Scratch that – we don’t even have a mortgage approval yet. Well, we did. But we lost it. Why? Me. We drove up here Saturday, November 5. I’d just had my last day at Whole Foods (loved that job) … More NaNoNoNo.

October 31 Update

It’s almost that time. 12:01 AM November 1, 2016: NaNoWriMo officially kicks off! What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month! It’s a mad dash to 50,000 new words in just 30 days. Doable? ABSOLUTELY. Fun? OH, YES. Over the last month, a few monumental things have happened. First, I finished school. SCHOOL. Not just class … More October 31 Update

Hello, September

It’s here. Finally. Even if it isn’t yet official (especially around here where it’s still in the 90s and everything is still green), to me, it is fall. Down here in the South we have the longest summers ever (not quite true, but it is for me) and the humidity just kills me. I hate … More Hello, September