Update: What on Earth is Going on With My 1st Book?

It never fails: I’m supposed to be working on research for school and my mind wanders. This time, like many other times, it wandered back to my manuscript – on which I’ve ceased queries, because I’d grown tired. It wasn’t so much the rejections as the story itself; if I wasn’t excited about it anymore, … More Update: What on Earth is Going on With My 1st Book?

Writing Prompt #10

You have been looking forward to this first date for two weeks. It’s Friday afternoon and you have one or two more hours of your work day left before you can go home and get ready for your night out – but then you receive an email that changes everything. What does the email say? … More Writing Prompt #10

Writing Prompt #9

Show & (not) Tell. This is a fun game to play when I’m writing or editing. (Okay, maybe not exactly fun, but definitely interesting and often a challenge.) I’m taking a Fiction Writing Workshop class online through my degree program, and this week we’ve broached the “show, don’t tell” subject. This is something I will happily … More Writing Prompt #9